i like them...

…Those moments, when you are all you. When you let me see and feel, what is there at this very moment.

Those are the most honest, the truest photographs that I can offer you.

In every segment of my photography I offer my full attention, two wake eyes and the room to lead you there and back.

I do support EVERY form of life- and loving community, every form of sexuality, religion and ideology, people of every possible birthplace, background, sex and heritage with my competence, energy and abilities.

Basically I will photograph anything as long as it feels right for all people involved.

current affairs

Oh hell, crazy times… Looking around, I do get the impression I would need to tell you in the most enthusiastic words how I as an artist and photographer have been using this unique opportunity of worldwide pandemy and on- and off-lockdown, how business is thriving.

But, I will not do any of that.

Cause it would be a lie. And, if there is any rule that I am following in photographing you, I will not lie to you. You want to feel safe with me, I want you to feel safe with me. Yes, I am professional in the aspects of lightning and retouch. But my strength, my absolute priority is doing what I can to understand you. Cause if you let me I can show you how you do want to be seen - maybe even find out, how that even is. And for the mood, the feelings that you do want to show, technic may step back a bit. And your mimic will show the difference.

Therefore - Covid and all things considered - yes, things will progress here with photography, there will be things that I offer you around that topic.

As it has always been, talk to me, give me a ring, I will reply to the best of my knowledge, share my ideas. If you want one, I will make you an offer (you will hopefully be unable to refuse…). If you feel "this is a crazy idea" - even the better. Feeling kind of alien myself 24/7, chances are you will find me being quite fire and flame for that kind of thing.

Should you be considering more than just a "been there, got the T-Shirt" shooting, as a freelancer, as newly wed couple, as a model, or even for the experience itself, it would make sense to talk this over over a cup of coffee.

Seeing me you will be quite clear if you feel ok with me as your photographer - as for me, I can feel (yes, I am serious…) you better when you are sitting in front of me. Sorry, I know I should be talking about "my mission" and "my purpose in life", stuff like that. Again, truth. So, I feel you. Give me a ring. Write me. Look around. Have a cookie.